These Oval Brushes Will Forever Change the Way You Wear Makeup

These celeb-loved makeup brushes are worth the price tag

By Taylor Stephan Jan 15, 2016 12:14 AMTags
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God bless modern makeup tools.

Makeup application has never been more on-point, thanks to a shiny, little applicator that has celebs like Kylie Jenner singing its praises. No, we're not talking about the beloved beautyblender, though that's still a favorite. Most recently, beauty experts have been bewitched by "those cool spoon-looking brushes sweeping Instagram," as celeb makeup artist Julianne Kaye put it. So what's so special about these oval-shaped makeup brushes, you ask?

Well if you're Kylie, it's your go-to tool for applying your moisturizer, but if you're Julianne and most other fans, it's the newest, trendiest way to apply liquid and powder foundation. According to the pro, it's the real deal, too.

"The brushes have three to 10 times the amount of individual fibers as conventional brushes, which makes the application almost magnetic," shared the celeb makeup artist. Additionally, instead of using traditional animal-hair brushes, which can be a breeding ground for bacteria, these super-soft applicators are actually the more sanitary option, elaborated the expert. She also called the texture of the bristles "dreamy," citing that "every single client I've used them on swoons over how soft they feel against their skin."

Bonus: They're also super-simple to use. "Just apply it to the skin in circular motions, like a kabuki brush," mentioned the pro. 

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While Julianne relies on her trusty beautyblender to apply thicker consistencies like concealer, she almost exclusively enlists an oval brush (her favorite by Artis) to paint on foundation. If you're new to the game, Julianne recommended starting out with one of the larger sizes from the collection, the Fluenta Oval 8 Brush or the Fluenta Oval 10 Brush, to apply foundation, bronzer or even highlighter. "The smaller, shadow brushes are great too if you're going for a bold, dark eye look because they really lay down the color with almost no fallout," elaborated the expert.

Although the larger brushes from Artis will cost you just shy of $100, other brands like MAC, sell similar, highly-reviewed brushes for half the price.