Hollywood wants Brooklyn Beckham.

However, the 16-year-old son of David and Victoria Beckham may not want Hollywood.

David reveals that Brooklyn has been approached about acting gigs.

"He has had offers, but he's passionate about photography," the soccer champ exclusively told me at the UNICEF Ball. "He'll go into that, I think."

The teen's photography already receives worldwide attention. He currently has 5.7 million followers on Instagram. Many of his shots are of friends and family, but they're certainly more artsy (i.e., in black and white) than your average selfie.

Brooklyn Beckham, Instagram


"He does have to show us everything that he posts and he goes over it with us," David said. "Sometimes we say, 'Maybe you shouldn't [post that]' and he does anyway. [But] he's a good boy. He has become very popular."

And even though Brooklyn and his three siblings live a very privileged life, David and Victoria insist on educating them about impoverished communities and the struggles that they face.

"They know," said David, who was honored at the UNICEF gala with the Danny Kaye Humanitarian Award. "There's obviously the very privileged side of things and there's the side that I see when I go on these trips and I think it's very important to understand, especially at a young age.

"Thankfully, my wife does the same with the kids," he continued, adding, "We make them aware of the trips that go on and what we see and what needs help around the world…Even our young kids, even 10-year-old Cruz, they understand. It's important for us that they do understand."

Brooklyn Beckham, Instagram


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