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How does that old saying go? "A friend hugs you while you cry over a breakup. A true friend follows you on Instagram and always likes your selfies." Yeah, that's it. Truly an iconic saying for the ages. 

It looks like Instagram has a new feature (or at the very least they're testing it) that will definitely separate your real friends from your sham friends. You know that person who just nods and smiles when you talk about how cute your cat looked in your Instagram photo from two days ago? Now you can see if they're doing their due diligence and actually following you or if they're just a lying liar who lies.

Photographer Anthony Quintano recently spotted in his own Instagram that the app is now showing you who follows you back. You'll see a little "you follow each other" next to their name if they do indeed stay up to date on all your ‘gramming, sort of like how Facebook shows you if someone is already your friend when you visit their page.

And if you stumble across someone you don't follow, the new function tells you which one of your own Instagram friends follows that person. It's also helpful evidence if you spot your boo following a random hot person that you don't know. Basically Instagram is looking to start some fights!

It appears that Instagram is still testing this out, so not everyone has this feature. Sorry, you might not be able to play social media detective quite yet. Or you can just assume that all your friends follow you on Instagram and that your bae isn't creeping on an account called Hot Chicks That Aren't My Girlfriend.

Or not. Thanks for the trust issues, Instagram!

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