Kevin Hart


Would you rather ask yourself what would Kevin Hart do or just question the comedian directly?

For a few lucky Twitter followers, they had the opportunity to go straight to the source when the Ride Along 2 star played a game of "Would You Rather" backstage at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

In true Kevin style, every answer was thought out, strategic and flat-out hilarious. But that still gave us a reason to be shocked by what we heard.

When asked if he would rather be covered from head to toe in glitter or maple syrup, the 36-year-old hands down chose the popular pancake topping.

"You can't get glitter off. S--t going to be with you for like two weeks," he explained. "Pour some syrup on me." True, but who wants to smell like syrup all day everyday?

We also discovered a theme with the actor's answers. The man is very protective over his body.

Kevin would much rather have a mariachi band follow him everywhere for an entire day than roller skate everywhere for a week. The reason? He's got to protect his backside, obviously.

"I would take the mariachi band because if I roller skate everywhere for a week, I'm have a fat ass and I don't want to be the dude with a bubble back there," he proclaimed.

But when faced with a dilemma of having 200 slugs in your pants or 200 spiders in your bed, Kevin's junk was a huge influence on his decision.

"That's a sick question. 200 slugs in my pants because the good thing about slugs is they don't move that often," he joked. "At least I know where they at. Are they on my junk? They're in my pants, but not on my junk are they?"

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