What do you get the person who has everything? That's a dilemma many celebs face during the holiday season, and right now, that's the struggle Demi Lovato and Kate Upton are dealing with.

E! News caught up with the two beauties last night at fashion designer Stella MCartney's Autumn 2016 presentation in Los Angeles, and with Valentine's Day just a hop, skip and a jump away, we had to ask if these lovely ladies had anything up their sleeves for their famous significant others.

While talking to the "Confident" singer about the romantic holiday, she revealed that she hasn't gotten Wilmer Valderrama his gift yet—but they do have a certain tradition for how they approach V-Day each year.

"I don't have his gift yet," she began to tell E! News' Zuri Hall, "but we like to do things that when you're in a position where you guys can get anything and you already have everything, what do you do for each other that's special and that you have to create yourself? I'm looking forward to that."

Fellow celeb Upton seems to be in the same boat, because when we asked this gorgeous model if she's gotten her beau Justin Verlander something special for the big day, she laughed and confessed, "Oh my God, no. I have no idea."

And to add more stress to the matter? Apparently, the Detroit Tigers pitcher is an awesome gift-giver. "He's very good at gifts. He's very thoughtful, so I have to step it up. I feel like Christmas just ended and now I have to buy more gifts."

Pressure is on, ladies.

Demi Lovato, Kate Upton, Stella McCartney Autumn 2016 Presentation

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

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