Welcome to the Downworld...again.

Freeform's highly anticipated new drama series Shadowhunters finally premiered on Tuesday night, bringing the beloved Mortal Instruments book series to the small-screen. But this isn't the first time the world created by author Cassandra Clare has been brought to life. 

In 2013, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones hit theaters with a completely different cast than the TV series, so we're asking fans to vote on which version of their beloved characters they preferred after checking out Shadowhunters' series premiere...

Mortal Instruments vs Shadowhunters, Lily Collins, Katherine McNamara

Screen Gems / Freeform

Clary: In the film, Lily Collins took on the role of the red-haired heroine who learns she's a Shadowhunter, a half-human, half-angel warrior, on her 18th birthday. Katherine McNamara is now stepping into Clary's leather boots. 

Mortal Instruments: Clary?
Which Clary do you prefer?
Mortal Instruments vs Shadowhunters, Jamie Bower-Campbell, Dominic Sherwood

Screen Gems / Freeform

Jace: Twilight and Harry Potter's Jamie Campbell-Bower became the real-life version of the brooding bad boy in the movie, while fellow Brit Dominic Sherwood is tackling the well-coiffed role on TV. 

Mortal Instruments: Jace?
Which Jace do you prefer?
Mortal Instruments vs Shadowhunters, Robert Sheehan, Alberto Rosende

Screen Gems / Freeform

Simon: Misfits standout Robert Sheehan played Clary's adorkable human BFF on the big screen, while newcomer Alberto Rosende is rocking the geek chic glasses on Freeform. 

Mortal Instruments: Simon?
Which Simon do you prefer?
Mortal Instruments vs Shadowhunters, Kevin Zegers, Matthew Daddario

Screen Gems / Freeform

Alec: Matthew Daddario is playing the closed-off Lightwood sibling on the TV show, while Kevin Zegers played one-half of "Malec," the fan-favorite couple, in the film. Both rocked the leather rather well, no? 

Mortal Instruments: Alec?
Which Alec do you prefer?
Mortal Instruments vs Shadowhunters, Jemima West, Emeraude Toubia

Screen Gems / Freeform

Isabelle: Jemima West played Alec's badass sis in the flick, while Emeraude Toubia is playing the whip-wielding Shadowhunter on the small screen. 

Mortal Instruments: Isabelle?
Which Isabelle do you prefer?
Mortal Instruments vs Shadowhunters, Godfrey Gao, Harry Shum, Jr.

Screen Gems / Freeform

Magnus Bane: Godfrey Gao took on the fan-favorite role in the movie, while Glee star Harry Shum Jr. gets to wear all the glitter and eyeshadow to play the 600-year-old warlock. 

Mortal Instruments: Magnus?
Which Magnus do you prefer?
Mortal Instruments vs Shadowhunters, Aidan Turner, Isaiah Mustafa

Screen Gems / Freeform

Luke: Aidan Turner played the book-store-owner-with-a-secret in the film, while Isaiah Mustafa (the hot Old Spice commercial guy!) is playing the detective version of Luke. 

Mortal Instruments: Luke?
Which Luke do you prefer?
Mortal Instruments vs Shadowhunters, Jonathan Rhys-Myers, Alan Van Sprang

Screen Gems / Freeform

Valentine: Taking on the role of the series' baddie in the films was Jonathan Rhys-Meyers (rocking a questionable pony-tail), while Reign's Alan Van Sprang is playing him on the small screen. 

Mortal Instruments: Valentine?
Which Valentine do you prefer?
Mortal Instruments vs Shadowhunters, Lena Headey, Maxim Roy

Screen Gems / Freeform

Jocelyn: Before she was Cersei on Game of Thrones, Lena Headey played Clary's mother in the film version. Maxim Roy took over the secretive role for the small screen.

Mortal Instruments: Jocelyn?
Which Jocelyn do you prefer?

Shadowhunters airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Freeform. 

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