George Clooney and Julia Roberts Try to Diffuse a Hostage Situation in First Money Monster Trailer

Two silver screen vets get together again for political-thriller, set to hit theaters in May 2016

By Talia Weisner Jan 13, 2016 3:40 PMTags

George Clooney and Julia Roberts are together again in Money Monster.

The film, directed by Jodie Foster, just released it's trailer. The verdict? Intriguing. And not just because of it's superb headlining duo.

The political thriller looks well done, not kitschy, as a suspense-ridden film by any other actor pair or director may otherwise be. Clooney stars as news anchor Lee Gates (aka "The Wizard of Wall Street"), held hostage via a recession-maddened gunman, played by Jack O'Connell, who wants, as Clooney affirms, "answers."

Roberts stars as the show's producer and, as it seems, the film's heroine, Patty Fenn.

Will our favorite silver fox make it out alive? Will Patty save the day in an epic bout of heart and wit? Could this discernible silver screen magic possibly top our favorite Clooney-Roberts double whammy/box-office classic Oceans 11 (...and 12)?! Only time will tell. Though you can be certain, we'll be anxiously awaiting the flick's release come May 13.

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The recession-centric film, not unlike star-studded and critic-lauded The Big Short, takes on some pretty pertinent subject-matter with the country's expanding wealth gap at its thematic core.

If you're not yet inspirited to hit the theaters come the film's release, we suggest you take a quick peek at the movie's trailer, soundtracked by none other than Bruce Springsteen, we might add.

The money market may be a messy one, but this film looks far from it. If Money Monster is anything the trailer promises it to be—that is, suspense-laden, thought-provoking, and alas, well-casted—then suffice it to say the 2016 box office is for another staggering hit.

Money Monsters is set to hit theaters on May 13 following, oh yes, another Clooney-centered flick: Hail Caesar.