Kate Moss, 2002


Kate Moss turns 42 today and, as yet, has shown no definitive signs that she's aging like a normal person.

Of course that's for her aesthetician to know for sure, but we know for a fact that her I-rolled-out-of-bed-looking-like-this street style has only grown more impressive through the years.

In fact, when it's time to put together a casual outfit and you're not quite sure which direction to go in, it never hurts to wonder..."WWKD?"

Moss may be one of the all-time supermodels, not to mention still in demand after a quarter-century in the business for high-fashion and cosmetics ad campaigns, runway shows and magazine covers. But while over-the-top couture, red carpet gowns and heavily made-up photo shoot looks are all well and good, that doesn't help any of us on an average day.

What does inspire is the way this bird wears a coat or rocks animal prints. Or the way she makes it look as if grabbing your favorite denim, topping it off with a blazer and tossing on a skinny scarf, some ankle boots, a brimmed hat and sunglasses, may make you too look like, well... the queen of England!

Or better yet, you might just feel like you are.

Sure, it can take hours to get that effortless look, but that's why she's Kate Moss and we're us. In the meantime, nothing wrong with celebrating Moss' enviable style and drawing a little Brit-girl inspiration from the birthday girl. Enjoy, and maybe don't set any actual fires.

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