Hollywood Medium, Tyler Henry

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Tyler Henry has a special gift.

The 20-year-old clairvoyant to Hollywood's stars uses his surprising extrasensory ability to connect celebrities, like NeNe Leakes and Snooki, with their loved ones on the other side. Tyler admits he knew he was different when he "was able to see and feel things that most people weren't able to."

Before the anticipated series premiere of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry, take a look at these random, fun facts about psychics, mediums and the supernatural world!

Tyler Henry


1. Researchers have found that brain activity significantly drops in the frontal lobe when psychics and mediums are doing a reading. This is especially interesting considering the frontal lobe regulates decision making, problem solving, consciousness, focus and emotion.

2. The development of psychic abilities and extrasensory perception has been linked to four factors: genetics, brain injury or head trauma, a history of anxiety and unusual spiritual experiences. 

3. According to The Chapman University Survey on American Fears, only 27% of Americans believed that the living and the dead can communicate with each other.

Tyler Henry, Twitter


4. Furthermore, only 14 percent believed astrologers, fortune tellers and psychics can foresee the future.

5. The Chapman University survey also found the people with the highest levels of supernatural belief tend to be non-White, Catholic, female and unmarried. They also often have low levels of church attendance and no college degree.

Tyler Henry, Twitter


6. However, 42 percent said they believe places can be haunted by spirits.

7. According to a Pew Research Center survey on ghosts, fortunetellers and communicating with the dead, 18 percent of U.S. adults acknowledged they have been in the presence of a ghost.

8. Meanwhile, a mere 15 percent admitted they have consulted a psychic or fortune teller in the past.

Watch the series premiere of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry Sunday, Jan. 24 at 10 p.m., only on E!

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