Hilary Duff proves you can have it all.

The Younger star opens up to E! News about her son, Luca, and how she balances motherhood with her acting and singing career. Because she's been busy filming her TV Land show and being a mom, Hilary admits that she often wonders if she should really release another album with all that it entails.

"I mean I'm always a mom. But just be a mom. Music will always be a part of my life. I have such loyal fans out there," she tells us. "I think I just need to wrap my head around the fact that I'm going to make a record and see what sticks...but like going on tour and doing that you know I have a child and I love like doing pick ups and drop offs at school."

With her series filming in New York, Duff finds herself gone for at least three months of the year, so she struggles with making up her mind. "I don't know I really do crave normalcy in my life so we'll see how all of that can fit in," she says.

In addition to having to balance her life with Luca and her career, the Lizzie McGuire alum also struggles with having to choose between acting and singing. Thankfully she has been able to combine the best of both worlds but worries she might fall short with one or the other.

"Sometimes I feel like it's still a bit of a struggle to figure out how to do both and how to do both really well," she says of acting and singing. "I'd love to blend both those worlds. I feel like now if you can do both, you do both. Now it's really accepted to be multi-faceted where before you really weren't taken seriously if you do both."

We think the Lizzie McGuire Movie was a perfect example of combining both! What wasn't there to love about Hilary making a feature film about a fan-favorite Disney show while simultaneously going under cover as a pop star. It was pretty much the perfect combination that gave us "What Dreams Are Made of." 

Her latest album, Breathe In. Breathe Out., was her first studio album in eight years and debuted to critical acclaim and the fifth spot on the Billboard 200 chart. If that's not enough convincing to give fans another album, we don't know what is. While she has been all business as of late, she was able to have some fun with E! News while playing a game of "Two Truths and a Lie" and "Older or Younger?"

Watch the videos to find out some hilarious fun facts about the pop star.

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