Eva Longoria, Golden Globe Awards

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Desperate Housewives may have been the show that kick-started Eva Longoria's A-list career, but that doesn't mean the Wisteria Lane vet is holding on to times past.

Talk show host Wendy Williams caught up with Eva on The Wendy Williams Show this week and couldn't help but ask the Telenovela star if she still kept in touch with her former Housewives cohorts.

"Yeah, Felicity [Huffman] and I live right next to each other, I saw her yesterday. Marcia [Cross] and I did some work together for some candidates, and we always stay in touch," the actress shared.

As for the whom she is not quite as desperate to dish with?

"I haven't seen Nicolette [Sheridan] or Teri Hatcher] in a while," Eva added.

But not for lack of like, we're sure. After all, the lovely leading lady has quite the packed schedule these days. With her recent engagement to media tycoon Jose Antonio Baston and a new show underway, it's not hard to see why the actress's social calendar may be taking a back seat.

Also very likely taking up some space on Eva's plate? Her handsome soon-to-be hubby's three children,  ages 19 and 12 (twins no less!), who the actress raves are "wonderful." And Eva may just be gearing up to pop out some kiddies of her own. "I'm open to it," the actress revealed. "I know I'm already 40...but I love children and if it's in the stars, I will welcome it with open arms!"

The star is a tad less open to some other endeavors. Like, for example, a gargantuan wedding. Eva half-jested to Wendy that she is "advocating for no wedding. Eloping." But what the wedding dress? Perhaps a gorgeous gown designed by the star's gorgeous BFF Victoria Beckham?

"I don't know, I haven't even talked to Victoria about it," Eva spilled.

Aw, treat yourself, Eva! Success looks good on you.

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