Brandi Glanville


If there's one thing Brandi Glanville is certain about, it's that she will never use a hoverboard ever again.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is just one of several celebrities who did not have a good experience when she attempted to ride the "iWalk" board, taking to social media to share some chill-inducing photos and make her followers a little wary of the popular ride, too.

"Swollen paw 6 stitches I'm officially done with iWalk slash hover board," the 43-year-old wrote on Twitter over the weekend.

However, she later revealed that her swollen hand was the least of her concerns, showing off the slew of stitches she received on her arm from the accident.

"Antibiotics equals no alcohol," she captioned the photo. "Allergy to pain meds equals pain, 6 stitches & a hairline fracture #priceless."

Of course Brandi is just one of several celebrities who have faced injuries from an accident with a hoverboard.

In October, Codi Simpson's sister, Alli, was hospitalized after falling off one of the boards. She took to Twitter to share a photo of herself in her hospital bed, writing, ""Welcome to the hospital Alli...karma .. never liked those dumb hover boards anyway :("

Mike Tyson also shared his own hoverboard fail. Over the holidays, he posted a video of himself trying out one of the popular rides and totally eating it. He captioned the vid, "#knockout #miketysonbreaksback." LOL!
Be careful, people!

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