Nicole Kidman

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We all have our enemies. Shocking info, I know. Heck, even a goodie type like Reese Witherspoon has her detractors. So guess which Oscar-winning actress—who hasn't exactly been hauling in the box-office bucks—is now being written off as career-dead by her own good friends and colleagues?

Guess the Gossip, Dec. 12, 2008
Which Award-Winning Actress Is So Over—Say Her Own Pals?

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Answer: B

Darlings, unless you've been asleep in your dermatologist's waiting room, the correct answer is so Nicole Kidman.

And this one smarts more than a needle in the middle of your puss, promise: "I suspect [Nicole's] career is finished," blabbed a good Kidman chum who's known Nicole for many years. As to Kidman's casting in the dud Australia, said a Kidman colleague, "Any one of several young Aussies should have played it—even U.K.-born Naomi Watts, who can act circles around her BFF."


Damn, girl, are things that bad? I'll stay outta this one, since I've already bitched about your damn bodyguard's bloody ways so damn much. But that adorable other bitch, as in the Answer B!tch, had this to say, for an entirely diff point of view, do check it out.

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