Tom Brady

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If you ever imagine yourself running into Tom Brady, and offering to buy him a cup of coffee, we can tell you right now, he'd refuse.

No, stop worrying, it's not you. It's him. The NFL star revealed during an interview that he's never had a cup of joe in his life. Not even a sip! "I never had any coffee or anything like that," Brady told WEEI. "I just never tried it."

We know what you're thinking, how is that even possible? Also, why?!

We did find out that he and wife Gisele Bündchen have the strictest diet in all the land, when the famous pair's chef revealed that he never uses white sugar, white flour and MSG in his ingredients. Coffee, caffeine and dairy are also not included.

While we can understand their decision to stay away from certain foods, we also couldn't help but think of all the things Brady has been missing out on by steering away from a cup of brewed goodness.

Like what? We're glad you asked...

1. Coffee actually has some great health benefits.

2. What does he say when a friend tells him, "Let's grab some coffee and catch up?" How about tea? How about, no.

3. Does Tom Brady even celebrate the fall season? Because he can't have a Pumpkin Spice Latte.

4. There are so many cute and personalized mugs on Etsy, but none for Tom Brady.

5. He can never make that old-but-still-kinda-funny joke about there being a time and place for decaf coffee (you know, never and in the trash? So witty, right?).

6. The athlete never has to worry about having coffee breath, which initially, may sound like a good thing, but remember what that means—THERE WAS NO COFFEE CONSUMED.

7. He'll never know the guilty pleasure of overindulging in Coffeemate's French Vanilla creamer.

8. Brady will never know the joy that comes with perfecting your sugar and cream to coffee ratio.

9. Tom Brady will never experience the pain of Starbucks getting your name wrong.

10. Or the social media points that come with taking an Instagram of your holiday red cup.

11. Does the football star even know what freshly ground coffee smells like? Spoiler alert: Amazing!

12. Tom, do you understand the pure bliss of owning a Keurig? No, you don't.

13. Tom Brady will never know that the best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup.

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