Which of Ben Higgins' Ladies Is Already Heading to Bachelor in Paradise Season 3?

Exclusive: Mike Fleiss revealed season 20's villain will be taking part in the spinoff's summer season

By Tierney Bricker Jan 11, 2016 7:36 PMTags
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Viva Mexico!

At the 2016 Winter TCA Press Tour, The Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss confirmed to E! News that Bachelor in Paradise will definitely be back for a third season this summer on ABC. "It's the greatest show," he gushed. 

And guess what? They've already decided to give a plane ticket to one of Ben Higgins' ladies.  Warning to all of the men going to BIP: Make sure to maintain eye contact.

"Lace will be there," Fleiss spilled, basically confirming that Ben will grow tired of her charades pretty darn quickly this season. 

Lace, of course, became one of the premiere's most polarizing ladies after she was quick to judge her fellow contestants and pulled Ben aside immediately after the first rose ceremony. Why? Because he didn't make eye contact with her when he gave her the final rose of the night. (This was after she planted a surprise kiss on him after exiting the limo, and then attempted to kiss him again later, only to be graciously rejected.)

Fleiss seemed to understand why Lace would be so persistent in her pursuit of Ben though, saying, "This may be the best Bachelor we've ever had. He's incredible...he's such a warmhearted, genuine person. He's sweet, sincere and he's got a sense of humor. He's a great guy." 

But sometimes a nice guy doesn't provide the best drama for a TV show...which is where contestants like Lace come in, according to Fleiss. 

"What happened on this season is he's such a catch that the girls competed harder  for him than any other season," he told us. "I think eight or nine girls said they were in love with him. That's a record number. That's where the drama came from. The girls provided the drama this season because they were competing for him.  A lot of girls want to marry this guy."

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.