The Revenant beat the odds at the 2016 Golden Globes.

After taking home the award for Best Motion Picture – Drama Sunday night, Best Actor – Drama winner Leonardo DiCaprio and Best Director winner Alejandro González Iñárritu stopped by the E! After Party with Maria Menounos to talk about their victories and what it took to get the survival story to the big screen. "I think we're all totally shocked, but we feel fantastic," said DiCaprio, who had just won his third Golden Globe. "I mean, the film got incredibly recognized tonight. That's a big deal for us as filmmakers because we want to make more movies like this."

DiCaprio was a frontrunner to win in the Best Actor – Drama category, but taking home the trophy wasn't a guarantee given; he faced stiff competition from Trumbo's Bryan Cranston, Steve Jobs' Michael Fassbender, The Danish Girl's Eddie Redmayne and Concussion's Will Smith.

"I wanted to give credit where credit was due, and that was to Alejandro, because honestly, I couldn't have made this film with anyone else," he said. "This man had a feverish look in his eye. He wanted to go into the elements, submerge himself in nature for months at a time, and he wanted to find the poetry that came out of it. I wanted to go on this journey with him, and I think it was a huge chapter in our lives that we're going to look back on and it's going to be like a fever dream because everything has sort of fused together in this whole process of making a movie. But, it was one of the most profound filmmaking experiences I think we've all had."

Iñárritu said he felt the same way about making the film with DiCaprio. "He pulled it off. I have to say that Leo's great. You can put a great landscape, a great light, a great shot, but if there is no soul, no substance, nothing is there," he told E!'s Menounos. "And he just brings all that."

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