Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling


First, attention must be paid to the fact that Ryan Gosling, 35, and Brad Pitt, 52, look the same age—and that is no slight to Ryan.

Good grief, the hotness.

OK, but aside from that, the co-stars of The Big Short once again emphasized their deadpan-comedy chops while presenting tonight at the 2016 Golden Globe Awards—a moment that Ryan, supposedly, was rather miffed by.

"Whatever," Gosling sniffed when Pitt offered him a hearty hello.

"Are you upset with me? You all right? You seem upset," Pitt inquired.

"Honestly, I was told I was presenting alone, so..." Gosling admitted.

Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, Golden Globes


Now, this may have been the beginning of a crazy-stupid argument, but...not with these two.

"It's fine," Gosling said. "Obviously I've been recast in some kind of Joe Biden, Andy Richter, Robin-type's fine, I'm here for the movie."

"No, I'm here to support you," Pitt insisted.

"Oh, that's nice," Gosling nodded sarcastically. "You take the high road, I look petty. Classic, classic Brad."

Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, Golden Globes GIF


Totally! And can we make this an annual, insta-classic tradition?

To add insult to injury, however, Gosling was then informed that there wasn't even a winner's name for him to read off, thereby realizing his dream of presenting sort-of alone.

"There's not even a winner? Oh my god," he reacted upon learning they were just presenting clips from The Big Short, one of the night's best comedy nominees. "This is a disaster. Is this like a Montessori-type thing, everyone gets a trophy, no one's feelings are hurt?" he grumbled.

And yet Gosling did a bang-up job introducing the film... well, actually... "It's fine, roll the clip," he stayed in character through the end.

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