Jennifer Lawrence, Katy Perry, 2016 Golden Globes


If you were ever wondering what would happen if Katy Perry and Jennifer Lawrence met each other, wonder no more. That's the magic of award season.

The Joy star and the "Birthday" singer crossed paths during Katy's interview with Ryan Seacrest on the E! Live From the Red Carpet show and it was just glorious. 

Ryan was talking about a tweet Perry had posted recently about being obsessed with JLaw's performance in Joy and because this is the Golden Globes, the actress she was gushing over was a mere five feet away.

The first thing Jennifer Lawrence commented on after hugging Katy? Her Jersey Shore-esque hair bump.

"I have a Bump-it in here. Like an 'as seen on TV' Bump-it," Katy said as JLaw stroked her hair. "It's like a loaf of bread for later."

Katy then told the Golden Globe-nominated Lawrence about her experience seeing Joy.

"I saw it alone, by myself in Santa Barbara. In my Victoria's Secret pink sweats."

"This is a sad story," Lawrence jumped in.

"I was like, ‘I can make it in the world!'" Katy continued. "You inspired me!"

"Oh, honey, you've already made it," Lawrence insisted.

So there you have it. When two beautiful ladies meet on the red carpet, they stroke each other's hair and hug a lot. So, basically what every teenage boy thinks happens when girls get together.

Jennifer Lawrence, Golden Globe Awards

Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

After Katy left, JLaw and Joy director David O'Russell talked about her role as a mother who invented the Miracle Mop and her intense rise to the top of QVC world. 

"I just thought it was really exciting when [O'Russell] called me. It's like, this woman has been in our lives kind of almost unnoticed in a big, mainstream way," Lawrence said. "And I just thought it was a really interesting story to tell of a woman who's still being this powerful, incredible woman…with these amazing inventions. And when David started talking to her, her story of how she came to it, it was just like, how could we not make a movie?"

Joy marked Lawrence's third time working with director David O'Russell, and we have no doubts it won't be the last

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