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It's been a while since the worlds of Mystic Falls and New Orleans and merged, but good news: The Vampire Diaries and The Originals have planned another crossover at last!

TVD and Originals creator Julie Plec tells E! News that the timing just felt right for the casts of TVD and its spinoff to meet up. It'll happen in episode 14 of each show's current season.

"Basically, we've been fighting for years about whether to do a crossover, how to do a crossover, will it work, will it seem pander-y? And none of us wanted to do it for the sake of doing it, but the timelines were starting to separate and Vampire Diaries, as you know, is going to catch up to its [three-year flash forward]," the executive producer explains. "So I thought, 'This is it, we only have one shot left.' And that thought coincided with the need for Stefan to find a safe haven to escape a mystical problem."

In the TVD half of the crossover, the younger Salvatore brother will seek refuge at St. James' Infirmary in Nola, a place where there's no magic so no one can find him with a spell. There, he'll encounter Klaus, whom he'll stay and assist with a problem in the Originals episode immediately after.

The Originals, Joseph Morgan


It's not a big event with multiple characters like The Flash or Arrow, since the logistics for something like that are way too difficult. Instead, it'll focus on the relationship between Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Klaus (Joseph Morgan), and how said relationship might've changed now that Stefan is in a relationship with the former object of Klaus' affection, Caroline (Candice King).

"What we can do [rather than a giant superhero event] is take a relationship that had a lot of potency, with Stefan and Klaus, now that so much has changed for each of them" Plec says. "They still have this singular person in common, Caroline, and we can explore that. I think it'll be really satisfying for people who liked the Stefan-Klaus dynamic and are curious about what Klaus might think about Stefan and Caroline being a couple."

It'll also introduce something that will have a big impact on the rest of the Originals season: "The crossover, actually, will be the first thing to give a little bit of a tease about the prophecy that makes us say, 'Oh, wait a second, that's interesting,'" teases Plec.

The Vampire Diaries and The Originals move to Friday nights on the CW beginning Jan. 29.

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