Fetty Wap, Masika Kalysha

Maury Phillips/Getty Images, Robin Marchant/Getty Images

Fetty Wap is wishing Masika Kalysha all the best in her pregnancy...but still says it's not his child.

The "Trap Queen" rapper opened up to The Shade Room about the drama going on with Kalysha, who says she's pregnant with his child, and recalled the night he met her for the first time.

"I don't even remember what party I was at," he said, adding, "but my manager made me go talk to her."

Eventually one thing led to another. "She knew what she was doing," he said. "I wasn't just no random dude in the club. She knew I was going to be there and that's how that happened."

He admitted to having unprotected sex with Kalysha, telling the interviewer, "I'm not going to lie. I did s--t."

Although the Remy Boyz artist seemed visibly uncomfortable with the topic of conversation, he pushed forward, implying that after their unprotected tryst "certain s--t was supposed to happen."

"I guess she went around that s--t," he mused. "That's how I know it was all planned out."

Having thought that she did whatever they planned her to do, Wap said he returned to his "regular life." Shortly after, however, his world would be rocked. "The next thing I know I get a text message, 'What are you going to do?'"

Despite the he-said, she-said, Wap maintained that he is not the father of Kalysha's unborn child. "It's a lot of s--t going on with that right now," he added. "Congratulations to her and whoever is the father."

When the former Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star first revealed the news, Wap's rep addressed the rumors and speculation. "Masika is pregnant, allegedly by Fetty Wap," the rapper's rep told us. "I didn't see Fetty or a paternity test confirm this allegation. Masika is known for being an industry jump-off, and her lil announcement was very calculated."

The "My Way" musician first addressed the pregnancy news in a tweet that was deleted shortly after. "Bitches posting pics now the world going crazy, she need a come up I understand that career looking bad," he wrote.

Let the drama continue.

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