V-day Treats


The holidays are over, and Valentine's Day is fast approaching.

That means we are ditching our Christmas tree-shaped candies for heart-shaped candies.

Granted Feb. 15 is the important holiday (discount candy day), but when we see the shelves getting stocked with seasonal sweets in the weeks leading up to V-Day we have to sample a few, because why not?

We have already seen a few new treats, and a few classics, that we're sending a "be mine" Valentine to.

M&M's latest limited-edition flavors have already been spotted, according to The Impulsive Buy.

Their Strawberry Shortcake White Chocolate M&Ms are exclusive at Target, and their Strawberry Chocolate M&Ms are available at Walmart.

Why eat messy strawberries dipped in chocolate when you can have M&Ms that taste like it instead? It's easier to pop a couple bags and not realize how many we've had. Our love (for sweets) knows no bounds this season.

V-day Treats

Starbucks has already swapped out their season offerings for this time of year.

Bye, Ugly Sweater Cookies!

The coffee chain has debuted a shortbread heart cookie, decorated with hugs and kisses.

We can barely control ourselves long enough to Instagram it before devouring the entire thing.

V-day Treats

If you want to go beyond the traditional candy hearts, and can't get enough chocolate in your life, may we suggest Reese's Valentines Peanut Butter Conversation Cups?

Each wrapped candy comes with a To and From label, if you want to share or whatever.

Or, you know, just unwrap and enjoy the "XOXO" and "U R Sweet" marked candies all by yourself. Ain't no shame in a solo V-Day candy game.

V-day Treats

Keeping it conversational, the conversation being chocolate, Hershey's Conversation Kisses are pretty much your standard Hershey's Kiss—now with a sweet message on every piece.

The nature of a kiss is already super-romantic, might as well include a cute little note in there too.

Hershey's doesn't stop there. They also have Valentine's Day-themed Hugs, caramel-filled Kisses, almond-filled Kisses, milk chocolate hearts of varying flavors and fillings... essentially all of their sweet specialties are decked out for V-Day.

V-day Treats

Instead of Pumpkin Spice in fall and Peppermint Mochas in winter, Valentine's Day is all about strawberries, raspberries, red velvet, and everything else that matches the appropriate color scheme.

Hostess has introduced two new cupcake flavors to share with that special someone: Dark Chocolate-Raspberry and Chocolate-Covered Strawberry, and yes, both are partially pink.

You can also pick up their limited-edition "I U" Cakes, if you've been wanting to finally proclaim your feelings for someone and feel that a pre-packaged snack cake is the best way to do that.

Plus, they're getting in on the red velvet game with Hostess Donettes Red Velvet Mini Donuts.

Little Debbie's seasonal offerings include several heart-shaped, and super-cute, items, like: Be My Valentine snack cakes (in varying flavors), iced brownies, marshmallow treats, and cherry cordials, too.

As more companies continue to roll out their romantic cheat treats now we're just waiting to see if the Pizza Hut engagement package comes back. Nothing says "forever" like a red ruby ring and a pizza box special.

This could be our year!

Speaking of candy and Valentine's Day snacks, do you remember when Kim Kardashian had her own lollipop? Watch the flashback video below...

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