James Corden, Meghan Trainor, Late Late Show


New Year's Resolutions: Some keep them, most don't.

James Corden and Meghan Trainor teamed up Thursday to sing about their efforts to try and change in the New Year, parodying her hit, "All About That Bass." In "All About That Change," The Late Late Show host and pop star sang about some of the most popular goals people try to reach such as getting in shape and imbibing less.

"It's pretty clear I ain't no size 2 / But I just joined a gym like I'm supposed to do / Cause I got that boom boom walkin' up the staircase / And all the wrong junk in all the wrong places," the British host crooned.

Trainor, on the other hand, tackled the idea of drinking fewer glasses of vino after a long day. "After work I come home and I have a glass of wine / And when I say a glass / I really mean four or five," she sang.

The "Lips Are Movin'" songstress is all of us, and we are all her. But what makes their parody even better is the fact that they turned it all around and gave viewers a more realistic verse where they admitted that none of these goals will ever be accomplished.

"I went out last night and I'm here to tell you that orange juice is good / It's even better with champagne," Trainor confessed. Meanwhile, Corden never did those bicep curls he resolved to do in 2016.

"I haven't gone to the gym or met with the trainer I hired / Can I pay someone to go tell him that he's fired?"

Many celebrities have confessed that they don't make resolutions for this exact reason, but Corden and Trainor were brutally honest about it. "Resolutions are worthless / We all know that's why we're here / I'll be the same disappointment I've been for the past three years," they sang together.

While they were "all about that change" at the start of the song, they quickly realized #NewYearNewMe wasn't for them. "We're not about to change 'bout to change we're quitting," the ended the song.

Cheers to staying the same in 2016!

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