Demi Lovato, Instagram


Demi Lovato is beautiful, talented, funny and resourceful.

The singer proved that she wasn't going to let a little cold stop her from having some fun in the snow by sharing a selfie that explained to fans how important tampons are (and not just for the obvious reasons). All bundled up and ready to brave the elements, Lovato showed fans that she opted to stick a tamp up her nostrils to help ease her runny nose while preparing to get on the snow mobile.

"When you snow mobile with a cold..... Nose tampons from @DevonneByDemi coming soon...," she joked, LOL.

Although the brunette beauty seemed to find a way to tackle this specific obstacle, it seemed to be just the beginning.

According to her Instagram, Demi faced another problem when she ended up getting the urge to pee while on the mountain. Hey, nature usually calls at the most inconvenient time. So what did she do? Pop a squat behind a tree, of course.

The problem was the snow was so high up, that just walking to find a spot proved to be a bit difficult. Sharing a video of herself walking with her legs sinking into the powder up to her knees, Demi attempted to find a safe spot to do what she needed to do.

"The further you go, the deeper it's gonna be," her friend is heard saying, as Demi continues to sink. "Well, I don't wanna piss right in everywhere," Lovato responds. But don't worry, her latest IG shows that she was finally able to secure a spot and pee in peace.

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