Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon, Sex and the City

New Line

Headlining the Sex and the City movie has its perks: adoring fans, characters that fit like a glove, slipping into the latest fashions and then keeping the clothes. Right? Right?

Not so fast! Kristin Davis and Kim Cattrall were shocked—shocked—when they actually couldn't collect their fashionable duds.

"It's in the contract that we get to keep our outfits, which is a fantastic thing, except that, for me, all of my outfits were samples," Davis told E! News this week, at the movie's press day. "I kept my running pants, which I love and wear them a lot, but I was like, Where are my clothes?"

She also kept some shoes and a yellow Biba dress, and the wardrobe department, feeling guilty, snagged her a Chanel bag.

Samantha got the shaft, too, but keep reading to see who did get to keep their duds.

"They sent three huge boxes of things, but most of my stuff was not there," Cattrall explained. "The [big] hat wasn't there, and there were three pairs of shoes. So there's a bulletin out for what happened to Samantha's togs."

As for Sarah Jessica Parker, she kept everything that wasn't borrowed, just like back in Sex's heyday. "I had done that over the course of the series," she revealed. And it turned out to be très beneficial to have Carrie Bradshaw's "vintage" clothes during one of the movie's key montages.

"I got to keep almost everything," said Cynthia Nixon. "The other women wore a lot of samples. Miranda's not quite that cutting-edge, so they actually purchased a lot of the clothes."

Oh, and the new girl? Jennifer Hudson? She loved her outfits, but she says, "I'm still waiting on them."

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