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Taco Bell is about to drop something big during the Big Game.

The fast food giant announced today that they will unveil what could be their "biggest food creation yet" in a 30-second ad spot during Super Bowl 50.

See their full statement below.

Taco Bell

Courtesy Taco Bell

Way to leave us in mouthwatering suspense, Taco Bell.

"This is the first time in [blank] history that a [blank] and [blank] are coming togetherand it's happening on [blank]," says the chain's statement.

Never has a Mad Libs-style game left us so damn hungry.

Since Taco Bell's decided to tease us for the next month, it's time we attempt to fill in some of the blanks of what this mystery product could be.

We watch Sherlock. We know things.

Perhaps we'll see a few Doritos Locos Tacos melted down and formed into one giant, mega-Dorito?

We also wouldn't complain if the chain ditches the 7-Layer Burrito in favor of a new layered burrito that is every burrito on the menu stacked on top of each other.

Get the Taco Bell mad scientists working on these, please.

If the new product is a move to expand their breakfast menu, we would like to see Taco Bell take a pancake, deep fry it into a crunchy taco pancake shell, fill it with eggs, bacon and potatoes, then dip the entire thing in maple syrup and sprinkle cinnamon on top.

We're not monsters, we swear. We're just playing your game, Taco Bell.

Instead of inventing an entirely new product, maybe the chain would like to make a new nachos dish where each nacho chip is actually a taco shell, with even more cheese and toppings mixed in. So it's like a standard order of nachos, but it's big enough to feed a giant. Or to feed the entire team of Super Bowl champs.

If we're looking for an innovation in design, the mystery dish could start out like a Crunchwrap Supreme, which is a work of art in how it's folded, and under each folded flap of the wrap could be a hidden message. You know, like that paper fortune teller game that middle school game kids play using their origami skills.

Sticking with the fact that the product's a mystery, the chain could unveil a vat of nacho cheese where select Taco Bell products are hidden within it, and you have to fish them out like you're bobbing for apples. That's fun and delicious. It's like a built-in activity while you're satisfying your cravings.

Our final guess at this new innovation: a taco that reveals your future. We're not even going to begin to guess how that one would work, Taco Bell. We're assuming if you can create something as magical as a Cheesy Gordita Crunch, you can also bend time and space to reveal what's ahead for us... then cover it in cheese.

Either way, we'll be counting the days until Feb. 7, and only partly because of the football.

What do YOU want to see Taco Bell add to their menu next? Tell us in the comments below!

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