David Duchovny, Tea Leoni

Eric Charbonneau

The Golden Globe noms were announced this morning, and it looks like the Hollywood Foreign Press is making up for last year's nonceremony by inviting tabloid-friendly stars to the show to spice it up a notch: nominees include Brangelina, Tom Cruise, David Duchovny (wonder if he'll bring Téa or some random tennis instructor as his escort? Gillian, maybe?)

Glitzy and ratings-ready, too, is Miley Cyrus (for her song from Bolt, not her Hannah Montana performance, duh). But our fave celeb reaction was from Dustin Hoffman, who was nominated for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy for Last Chance Harvey:

"It is so exciting to be nominated, but working with Emma [Thompson] was reward enough. Don't get me wrong, I still want to win!"

Thank you, Dustin! You're the only honest nominee in the whole damn bunch. Every other celeb statement ranged from feigned surprise to downplayed indifference. ("What an amazing experience," blah-blurted Angie Jolie. "I am pleased," snore-pied her hubby, Brad Pitt).


You're all in the entertainment industry; you're allowed to be vain, maybe even a tad, uh, creative? It's what we expect and admire about you all, remember?

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