Are Waist Trainers So 2015? There's a New Way to Help Get Rid of Stubborn Belly Fat for Good

Get all the details on the new SculpSure Laser Treatment

By Bruna Nessif Jan 06, 2016 1:00 AMTags

New year, new you?

That's the most common line this time of year, and now there's a doctor who wants to help make that happen (when it comes to physical traits, of course).

We all saw the constant mirror selfies of stars like Kourtney Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, Kylie Jenner and more rocking a waist trainer last year, but now there's a new procedure that is supposed to get rid of that stubborn belly fat for good.

(And there are no needles required.)

Dr. Mitchell Chasin, founder and Medical Director of Reflections Center for Skin and Body, talked to E! News about the non-invasive fat reduction procedure called SculpSure Laser Treatment.

"SculpSure is the first non-invasive system that can actually deliver laser energy underneath the skin to remove unwanted fat," Chasin tells us.

Like we said before, there are no needles. No numbing cream. Just a belt that feels like a "heating pad on your back."

"With SculpSure we're actually removing the fat cells, we're not just removing the fat from the fat cells and that result is permanent."

The FDA-approved procedure takes about 25 minutes, and can remove up to 24 percent of fat in the treated area.

What's the price tag, you ask? Anywhere between $1,000 to $1,500.

Watch it all go down in the clip above!