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Fans are dying to know just one thing about Supernatural this season: Will Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) ever see Anna again now that she's been taken back by the original man in her life, God?

Heaven's messengers—including superfine seraphim Castiel (Misha Collins)—were introduced in the season premiere, but it was the arrival of former angel and sometime crazy-person Anna (Julie McNiven) that turned Supernatural season four totally epic.

So, does Anna come back for more unnaturally good sex with Dean? I've got the exclusive dish...

After those last two episodes of white-hot chemistry between Dean and Anna (not to mention their literally steamy sex scene in the backseat of the Impala), cutting us off from more Deanna would be a crime, so it's a good thing she's not gone for good!

Insiders whisper that producers do want to bring Anna back to earth, although it's not clear when or for how many episodes.

What is clear is that good-hearted bad boy Dean and ambivalent angel Anna are perfect for each other. Plus, there's the obvious mirror image of Dean dating a gorgeous disgruntled angel while Sam (Jared Padalecki) screws around (and/or is madly in love) with gorgeous reformed demon Ruby (Genevieve Cortese). Could the Winchester brothers' respective romantic entanglements possibly turn them against each other—or is having both heavenly hosts and hell-spawn on their side a trump card they could use against Lilith?

What do you guys think of the introduction of Anna? Any guesses about the nature of her past with Castiel? And would you want Anna and Ruby to be regulars in season five—or are you keeping Sam and Dean for yourself? Post in the comments!

Supernatural returns to the CW with new episodes on Thursday, Jan. 15.

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