Cheers to you, Kirstie Alley!

The actress heads back to her name-making roots in Jenny Craig's latest commercial to celebrate maintaining her impressive 50-lb. weight loss! "Look who's back!" the actress hollers as she waltzes into the hit-show's discernible set to greet Cheers co-stars John Ratzenberger and George Wendt.

Kirstie slimmed down on Jenny Craig's diet plan and the funny lady is not one to remain hush hush on her ventures. "A moment can change your whole life with Jenny Craig" Kirstie says in the commercial. A tribute to the television hit that made her famous and a major 50-lb. weight loss turned lifestyle redux?! Those are some pretty big-time moments!

"Everybody knows her name," is right John Ratzenberger! And now, everybody can enjoy a little slice of Cheers magic back on their television boxes. Or, you know, laptop screens.

"When the Jenny Craig people asked me would I do this, I said, 'Well, yeah, but is the set gonna look real?' And they assured me the set was gonna look fantastic," Kirstie said on NBC's Today Tuesday. "When we walked on that set it was like a cross between The Twilight Zone and we were in a time machine, you know? But to see those guys sitting there, funny as ever—I'm sort of the straight man in the commercial, but that's OK! They get the jokes, and they should. But it was like we were right back in it. In fact, I thought, 'Why don't we just do this again? It would be fun.'"

Now that would be a feat worth toasting, too!

Then again, the actress' super svelte figure may be enough of a reason to say "cheers!"

"I feel really good. I have a lot of great things going on in my life and I've managed to keep the weight off, and that's a good thing," she told Today's Matt Lauer, a self-proclaimed Cheers fan.

Of course, Kirstie cut ties with Jenny Craig back in 2007 fter she packed on some pounds. But the actress is thrilled to be back on the bar stand, so to speak.

"The main thing I realized about myself is I really need to be held accountable for things, because I have a tendency to go sort of wild. Food is one of things where I can go sort of wild," the Emmy winner explained. "So, you know I'm a spokesperson for Jenny Craig, and when you do Jenny Craig, everybody gets a personal consultant—everyone. And just that going in every week, [saying] 'Hi!', weighing in and having some accountability is the big secret for me."

Welcome home, Kristie. And may be just add, you're looking better than ever!

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