Ryan Reynolds Is Shirtless, Flaunts 6-Pack Abs in New Deadpool Promo

Blake Lively's husband holds roses to honor The Bachelor

By Francesca Bacardi Jan 05, 2016 2:45 PMTags

Ryan Reynolds knows his way into women's hearts—by way of The Bachelor.

Blake Lively's husband debuted a new promo for his upcoming movie, Deadpool, during The Bachelor's season premiere Monday and in it he is shirtless and ripped. Pulling off his shirt, Reynolds flaunts his bulging biceps and million-pack abs, which is more than enough to get us into the theater.

The Just Friends star also played into his Bachelor-viewing audience by opening the spot with a recording of him lying on a couch with a rosé in hand—we see what you're doing, Reynolds! If only you could actually be a viable option week after week. We digress...

"Hello, you're probably thinking, 'My boyfriend said this is a superhero movie' Well, surprise! This is actually, lucky you, a love story," he says dressed in character. "When your worst enemy is after your best girl, it's time to be a superhero." 


Cue action scenes of falling cars, knife fighting and Morena Baccarin giving Reynolds a little sass. "I've played a lot of girls," she says. "Damsel in distress ain't one of them."

Reynolds and Deadpool's production team has been creative in getting the word out about Marvel's popular antihero. In late October The Proposal actor shared a How Deadpool Spent Halloween video that showed him hanging out with a group of kids dressed as the X-Men. As crass as ever, Deadpool questioned each of the kids about their alleged superpowers and their experience fighting crime.

"How many of you have taken a life?" he asked the adorable cast of characters. When all he heard was the sound of crickets, Reynolds didn't play it cool. "What in the s?!" he said, shocked. "This team f--king sucks."

Whether Deadpool is joking around with a group of children or he's trying to woo women with roses and Bachelor references, it's safe to say Deadpool is in the know when it comes to pop culture. Deadpool hits theaters Feb. 12.

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