The Mystery Is Solved! Why The Internet Is Totally Obsessed With These Lawyers From Making a Murderer

So this is why everyone loves Making a Murderer.

By Seija Rankin Jan 05, 2016 7:17 PMTags

By now, if you haven't watched Making a Murderer, you're doing life very, very wrong.

It's officially become, dare we say, a global phenomenon. The conspiracy theories are spreading across offices and classrooms with lightning speed. Pretty much everyone we know is completely captivated with Steven Avery's case, and it's hard to go anywhere without hearing about the possibly-planted blood or the fact that it's just too weird that the police officers knew the make and model of that Toyota. 

But there's another sensation sweeping across the Internet right now, and it's decidedly less grave than the future of a possibly wrongly-convicted man. It's a crush on Steven Avery's lawyers! That's right, from Twitter to Tumblr to Instagram, no one can get enough of the total babe-sicles that are Dean Strang and Jerry Buting. They're not just two strong-willed and intelligent men on a quest for justice in the face of a deeply troubled criminal system; They're hotties. 

At least according to the Internet, that is.

Sure, they may not be your typical stud muffins, what with their slightly antiquated style, heavy Wisconsin accents and the fact that they're deep into middle age, but the lawyers (and Strang especially) have a certain je ne sais quoi about them. They fought such on uphill battle on behalf of Avery, they display a level of compassion not exhibited by literally anyone else on the show, and they wear awesome sweaters. Just have a look at some of the memes that have gone viral about these two. 

First, there's the There there is this room decor that surely everyone will be replicating in a moment's time.

Not that I'm smitten or anything. #deanstrang #jerrybuting #makingamurderer #freeaveryanddassey

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And of course we would be remiss if we failed to mention the Tumblr account dedicated to Dean Strang's outstanding (and sexually-charged) fashion choices. 

Now that you have a taste for the fanfare, here's what you need to know about these two. 

Dean Strang:

AP Photo/Kirk Wagner, Pool

Age: Old enough to be a dad, too young to be a Grandpa.

Height: Let's just focus on his strengths, okay?

Weight: Definitely strong enough to lift you, if that's your thing.

Marital Status: Married.

Claim to Fame: Defender of Justice, wearer of sweaters-over-button-ups, Partner in his own law firm

Interests: The law, having "integrity" and stuff, watching himself on Making a Murderer.


Age: He graduated college in 1978, so you do the math.

Height: You could wear your highest heels and not even come close.

Weight: Did we mention he's really tall?

Marital Status: (Unfortunately) co-owns law firm with wife.

Claim to Fame: Being the taller of the two lawyers, conducting press conferences, living in the Big City.

Interests: Employing catch phrases like "Game on," slowly overtaking Dean Strang in the hearts and minds of the Internet.