Damn it, you guys! 2016 just started and we already have a Dress situation! Didn't we talk about not doing this anymore?!

Well, this situation isn't too bad because it involves an insanely adorable animal. So while you might fight with someone over the photo, at least you'll be fighting over a face that you just want to squeeze and pinch and kiss and smoosh!

But depending on who you believe, that face could also bite your arm off, so be wary.

A reddit user posted a photo of an animal that came into their doggy daycare. So, you're thinking it's probably a picture of a dog, right? Well, take a look at it and tell us if you think this is a bear or a dog:

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Right?! What is it? The tongue and happy face says, "dog," but the fur and ears says, "bear." And we say "What are you?!" Actually, we're screaming that, and we're not the only one.

Like we said, it's The Dress all over again, but a thousand times better and with added fluff.

Needless to say, people on the Internet are having a rough time figuring it out and it's driving them a little bananas. It's probably causing multiple fights between spouses, tearing old friendships apart and causing rifts among family members:

We can stop the debate now, if you believe the original poster of the photo. Because according to them, this creature is a dog, not a bear. Though they are still suspicious about the animal's identity. As are we.

"They said it was a Pomeranian. But I assume that was code for ‘bear,'" the reddit user wrote. "It just played with the other dogs and then went home. I'm still pretty sure it's a bear, though."

And according to this guy on Twitter, the little dude is named Bounce and is indeed a dog. He shared more photos to prove it, but dag nabbit, it still looks like a damn bear!

Well, at least we can all agree that it's cute as hell and we will take four of them please and thank you.

Bear Dog Meme



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