McDonald's Orlando

OMG y'all. As if McDonald's wasn't already pure fire with their mac and cheese and mozzarella stick roll-outs, they've got some even bigger news. According to Grub Street, the largest McDonald's is being torn down to make space for an even bigger one. According to the site, the old joint featured "animatronic McDonaldland characters, bowling lanes, slides, arcade games, a "Mickey D's Magic & Mayhem Comedy Magic Show," and occasional gator shows." Turn down for what. Naturally, we're assuming the new restaurant will be even more over the top. Who knows, maybe there'll be a waterfall of ranch sauce greeting customers at the entrance? Could you imagine if it were your job to decide what to put inside the world's largest McDonald's!? We took it upon ourselves to make a list of the things that we would want to see in the new building. Close your eyes and imagine the glory. Happy New Year, y'all. 

Soda Machine

1. Electronic soda machine. You know those one's that have a giant touch screen, and you can mix and match all of your favorite sodas in one? Yeah. They need that. 

McDonald's Playpen


2. PlayPlace for adults. Like why the heck not? We need somewhere to burn off all of our Shamrock Shakes too, you know. 

The Hills Cast


3. Reruns of The Hills on giant flat screens everywhere. The only thing that goes better with McNugget's than a little ranch is a side of Justin Bobby. Could they also switch out tables and chairs for La-Z-Boy's so we can grub while we watch? KThxBai.  

iHeartRadio Jingle Ball, Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, One Direction

Getty Images for iHeartMedia

4. An animatronic One Direction that plays on stage on the hour every hour. Remember those giant animals that aggressively sang to you at Chuck E. Cheese's? Like that, but with 1-D instead of those horrifying, dusty-ass monsters.  

Olive Garden Breadstick Sandwich

Olive Garden

6. An Olive Garden. Damn right. 

Jello Shots


7. A vending machine that dispenses jello shots in all of the McDonald's sauce flavors. Like actually what is wrong with us? Sorry we just typed that. 

McDonalds, McDonald?s


8. Apartments. So we can freakin' move in and never look back. Also, so we can recover from the jello shot hangover and potential diabetes. 

What would you like to see inside the world's largest MacDo? Share your ideas in the comments! 

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