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Men's Fitness

How about one more ridiculously handsome shot of Matt Bomer for the year?

The actor and his piercing blue eyes grace the cover of Men's Fitness for their January/February 2016 issue and he's definitely adding some heat to this cold weather. Soaking wet in a white T-shirt, Bomer holds himself up, revealing his cut triceps and washboard abs through his shirt while nonchalantly staring at the camera in a way that almost seems like he's telling us, "Oh, this? I always look like this."

(We know, Matt. We know.)

Aside from flaunting his genetic jackpot, the 38-year-old star talks about a variety of topics, ranging from his experience with guns as a kid and his heath and fitness (obvs), but one of our favorite parts is the fact that he, too, goes gaga for Lady Gaga.

"I got the first script and thought to myself, ‘Holy shit, what the f--k is this? This is crazy!'" Bomer said of Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story: Hotel. "I put it down a few times and took a deep breath and went, ‘OK. We're just going to have to commit to this world.'"

Bomer took on the eyebrow-raising role of a recovered junkie reborn as a vampire, and became acquainted with his co-star Gaga, who plays a 115-year-old vampire known as the Countess, who also becomes his lover. Oh la la!

And in real life, there was a genuine connection between the two, and Bomer couldn't help but gush about Mother Monster during a sit-down behind-the-scenes interview with the mag. "My favorite thing about working with Lady Gaga is really just the sheer level of creativity she brings to the table. And she's really one of the most intelligent people I've ever known. Her intelligence is equaled by her heart," he said.

In fact, it was Gaga who gave Bomer his most game-changing advice. "It was something that actually Lady Gaga had said to me," he explains.

"She said a lot of creating a name and a place for yourself in this business is just having the heart to staying in the game. A lot of it is learning how to get up and dust yourself off and stand up against adversity or whoever may be an obstacle for you and having the heart to stay open as an artist and creative as an artist."

To hear more of what Bomer had to say, download the digital edition of the Men's Fitness January/February 2016 Issue, available now at

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