Kimoji, Taco Emoji, Laughing While Crying Emoji


You know what had a big 2015? Besides the term "squad goals" which we truly believe will never, ever die?

Emojis. Just check out all their big moments in 2015 and try to act like you're not impressed:

1. The ability to order pizza just by texting the pizza emoji

Eating has never been lazier.

2. The announcement of the selfie emoji and the bacon emoji


Coming soon! (But not soon enough).

3. An emoji was named word of the year

Laughing While Crying Emoji, Oxford Word of the Year


All hail the "Face With Tears of Joy" emoji.

4. Kim Kardashian debuts Kimojis

Kim Kardashian, Kimoji


Kim gifted her fans emoji versions of her ugly crying face, her booty and a peach covered in cream?

5. The release of racially diverse emojis

Emoji, iOS 8.3


Long overdue and extremely welcomed.

6. 180 new emojis dropped, making sexting more exciting

New Emojis

Popping corks, a cucumber and that thermometer? You're welcome, sexters.

7.Donald Trump making emoji faces during the second GOP debate

That man is a walking emoji, apparently.

8. Emojis replacing the "like" button on Facebook

Facebook emojis, dislike button


We thought we were getting a "dislike" button. Instead we got a range of reactions in emoji form.

9. Emojis are getting a movie

New Emojis

Courtesy: The Next Web


10. Twitter adding #lovewins emojis to celebrate marriage equality

Rainbow hearts everywhere!

11. We got important research on which state uses which emoji the most

Emoji Map


We see you, Nevada.

12. The GOP candidates got their own emojis

GOP Emojis

You know you want that Jeb Bush emoji. Just kidding, nobody wants that.

13. We found out which emojis different countries used the most

Emoji Study

Unsurprisingly, Americans loved texting about food, money and sports.

14. The Empire cast described season two in emojis

Lots of shocked and sobbing faces.

15. The word "emoji" was added to Merriam-Webster Dictionary

New Emojis

Merriam-Webster is so hip now, you guys.

16. And most importantly, the taco emoji finally arrived

Taco Emoji



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