Lisa Rinna

Nancy Kaszerman/ZUMA Press

Why do celebrities keep getting their lips injected when it looks completely fake and they are always made fun of? Thanks! You are the best b!tch ever!

If you're asking for the true origin of that magical mystery puff posing as Lisa Rinna's upper lip—or exactly what species of sea life has been so cruelly delipped so that so many other stars can keep on making movies—forget it. I enjoy a lawsuit-free lifestyle, thanks, and unless a star confirms she's had lip injections (as Rinna has done), I can't go there.

But if I can't provide the who, I certainly can provide the why. There's even a term for it, in celebrity plastic surgeon circles...

"Creep," says Dr. Brent Moelleken, whose Beverly Hills practice sees plenty of stars.

It works like this: When the star first gets lip injections, Moelleken says, "It looks too big," and the star knows it. But then, "You look at it again...It looks a little big. You look at it again, and it looks OK."

In other words, the star is so busy staring into the mirror that she stops seeing the drastic as anything but normal. And then she goes back and gets some more work done.

"This occurs with lips, as well as breast implants," Moelleken says. "It also happens with noses—smaller and smaller must be better! Creep occurs all the time when we look at ourselves all the time in the mirror, which celebrities do."

Speaking of which, it's been minutes since I gazed into my own bottomless orbs o' beauty. Back later.

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