New Years Eve, Fireworks


Looking to have a nice, adult evening on New Year's Eve? Champagne. Romance. Maybe a fancy cheese platter. That sounds nice, doesn't it? A romantic, relaxing evening with your significant other. That's the dream.

Oh, wait. Your screaming kids and their screaming friends won't calm down for five seconds and they want more pizza rolls and bagel bites and Hi-C. Yeah, those references make it seem like you're celebrating New Year's Eve in the ‘90s but you get our point. The kids are hyper and are dead set on staying up until midnight or even 3 a.m. That quiet, romantic moment you had planned? Not going to happen.

Guess what? Netflix is coming to the rescue. The streaming service has made special programs designed for kids to watch on New Year's Eve that will count down to "midnight" for them, and you can make that "midnight" as early as you want. Yeah, Netflix kind of wants to trick your kids into going to bed early. And they'll trick them with the help of cartoons like Care Bears & Cousins, Inspector Gadget and Puffin Rock.

"Midnight, shmidnight. This year you can celebrate as a family and still have time for a parents-only party with a whole new set of New Year's Eve countdowns on Netflix designed for preschoolers, tweens and everyone in between," reads the Netflix promo description. "No matter where you are, start your party anytime, anywhere by searching New Year's Eve Countdown on Netflix."

Read: we can trick your kids with colorful cartoons and a fake countdown and then you can ring in 2016 in peace and quiet.

We see you, Netflix. We see you.

Don't worry, kids. By the time you're old enough to actually stay up past midnight, you won't even want to. Adulthood is exhausting. Enjoy the cartoons and sleep while you still can!

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