Jason Mraz

Photo Credit: Bill Zelman

Jason Mraz nabbed three Grammy nominations last week  for "I'm Yours," but he's more than just the singer-songwriter behind one of the year's most infectious hits.

Outside of music, he's become an accomplished photographer and—ready for this?—an avocado farmer.

I caught up with the 31-year-old Virginia native earlier today on his way to catch a flight from New York to Oslo, where he'll be performing in tomorrow's Nobel Peace Prize Concert.

Read on for what he has to say about getting the Grammy news, working with Paul McCartney and David Archuleta and his favorite way to eat avocados…

How did you hear you were nominated?
A guy walked into our dressing room after a gig in Florida, with his BlackBerry ablaze, saying, “I have an announcement.” It was about midnight, and I didn’t even know that Grammy announcements were happening that day.

I spoke to David Archuleta the other day, and he told me he'd love to work with you some day, but he thinks he has some growing up and maturing to do before then.
I'd be happy to [work with him]…If Archuleta is a young man who has that awareness already—that I have some growing up to do—that's amazing. That awareness is the first step. That's the first tool that one needs to be a songwriter.

Who would you love to work with?
I'd really love to work with Willie Nelson, Neil Young or Paul McCartney. Guys that are still making great records, still making great songs.

You're up against McCartney for Song of the Year.
Maybe this will be my chance to meet him.

You had a one-night-only gallery exhibit last night in New York of your Polaroid photography, and you just published a book of the photos, a thousand things. What are you going to do now that Polaroid's instant camera has been discontinued?
I've started shooting digital and playing around with other cameras. I'm okay with moving on. Polaroid has been my companion for the last seven years, and it's certainly been superfun, but I'm okay to let it go.

Now, let's talk about this avocado farm you own. How did you end up with that?
I wanted to live out in the wilderness, and the little country house I found just happened to be surrounded by avocado trees.

Have you become an avocado expert?
I like to think so. I certainly know how to choose them in a grocery store [laughs].

So, what's your favorite way to eat them?
I just like it straight up with lemon. Just cut it in half, sprinkle some lemon on it, and down it goes.

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