Kanye West Is Named GQ's Most Stylish Man of 2015 and Kim Kardashian Couldn't Be Prouder


By Bruna Nessif Dec 29, 2015 10:22 PMTags
Kanye WestJUSTIN TALLIS/AFP/Getty Images

What's that jacket, Margiela?

Kanye West is a rapper, businessman, fashion designer, all-around media mogul and, now, the proud winner of GQ magazine's Most Stylish Man of 2015 for the second year in a row.

The men's magazine announced earlier today that Yeezus walked away with the title after a flurry of votes helped him come out on top against model Lucky Blue Smith. The mag explains that while both fan bases came out to help their celeb claim victory, "in the final moments of this year's showdown, tweets from Kim, Kourtney, Khloe [Kardashian] and even Kris Jenner spiked the number of votes cast in West's direction."

They add, "And in the end, there were a lot of votes; nearly one million cast in twenty-four hours. The final tally: 520,119 votes for Kanye, 445,073 for Lucky Blue."

There's no doubt that the fam-bam came out on Twitter and pushed for 'Ye to snag the title. Kim even revealed that she and Khloe voted so much, they messed it up for everyone else.

Regardless, Kanye still came out on top, and of course, his wife couldn't be prouder of her trendsetter hubby.

And Kris was pretty stoked, too.

Earlier this year, the 38-year-old star was named one the most stylish men alive by GQ magazine, joining the ranks of 20 fashionable men hand-picked by the publication, including Ryan Gosling, Jay Z, Pharrell Williams, Bradley Cooper and more. 

According to GQ, the men were chosen not by what they wore on the red carpet, but instead by their street style. 

"The team spent countless hours pulling scores of photos—pretty much every look each nominee has been caught wearing in the last few years," the website explained at the time. "There were moving boxes full of research files, long editing sessions spearheaded by creative director Jim Moore and design director Fred Woodward, and still more debate that centered around the question: Who truly has unique, effortless, deeply-ingrained personal style that we all can learn from?"

For West, fashion design has been a lifelong dream. "I dreamed, since I was a little kid, of having my own store where I could curate every shoe, sweatshirt and color. I have sketches of it. I cried over the idea of having my own store." he told New York Timesfashion magazine, T, in April. 

It definitely seems like his dream is on the right track to becoming a reality. From the debut of his Yeezy label at New York Fashion Week back in February, and then returning for Season 2 later in the year, to the release of the Yeezy Boosts, also now known as the Shoe of the Year, which were constantly sold out, there's no denying that Kanye has made an impact in the fashion industry.

Congrats, 'Ye!

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