John Cena, Baby Turtle

Sorry, viral videos of 2016, but you just got one-upped.

The Today Show is a bit short-staffed this week due to the holidays, so they dug into the archives to find some hired help. This morning's show was co-hosted by none other than John Cena, he of wrestling and fictionally dating Amy Schumer in Trainwreck fame. You might think that a former WWE star teaming up with the very non-WWE Natalie Morales would go a bit awry, but it was anything but. These two made TV magic. Magic!

And it's all because of a little segment called Adorable Baby Animals. Stay with us now.

Normally, these wildlife segments are hokey and forgettable—how many times can you watch Matt Lauer get creeped out by something jumping onto his shoulders, right? But thanks to some very serendipitous size differences, we got the best thing to happen to morning television in decades. We give you: John Cena's giant hands holding a tiny tortoise.

We know what you're thinking: That sounds too good to be true. Could John Cena, as colossal as he is, really be capable of holding a teeny, tiny tortoise? Why, yes he is. 

After feeling the slimy skin of a baby stingray and gently caressing an angora rabbit, it was time for the main event: Braveheart the leopard tortoise. The itty bitty warrior boldly traversed the mountainous terrain of Cena's gargantuan paws, no doubt having the adventure of a lifetime. 

Well don't worry, little Braveheart, because it was just as exciting for us as it was for you.

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