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The pregnancy test results are in!

Christina Milian's sister Lizzy Milian decided to take a pregnancy test on Tuesday's episode of Christina Milian Turned Up.

After Christina posted an unflattering photo to social media of Lizzy, people started speculating that she was pregnant. So Lizzy decided to take a test to check!

Is Lizzy expecting a child with her boyfriend Dom?

Check out the complete Christina Milian Turned Up episode recap below to find out! Plus see all of the most OMG moments from Tuesday's episode!

CMTU, 208


1. Danielle Milian, Lizzy Milian and Dom Agree to Move on After Argument With Richard:

Danielle Milian visits Lizzy and Dom to make peace after their explosive fight in which Richard called Lizzy a "bitch" and a "c—t."

"There's absolutely no excuse for the names that Richard called my sister," Danielle says. "I feel like Richard and I are handling this high-risk pregnancy so differently."

Danielle also tells Lizzy and Dom that Richard's "out of character right now."

"I want us to be able to still have family dinners," Danielle says. "So I hope you'll give him that chance cause we're all family."

"It's OK, we can turn the page and move forwards," Dom says.

Dom even says, "I forgive him."

Lizzy also agrees to move on but says, "I mean I still think he is a total dick, but I will tolerate him for the sake of Danielle."

2. Christina Reveals She's Stopped Working With Ceraadi:

Christina went out of her way to help the girl group Ceraadi, but after an explosive argument between Ceraadi, their mom and music producers Silent Killers, Christina decides to stop working with them.

So Christina decides to record the song Ceraadi had been attempting to record!

Watch the video clip above to see Christina in the studio recording the track!

CMTU, 208


3. Lizzy Breaks Down in Tears When Dom Leaves for France:

Dom has to head back to France to spend time with his kids and Lizzy is extremely sad.

She drives him to the airport and she breaks down in tears before he leaves.

"It's very hard to see Dom go right now," Lizzy says. "He is my world and I don't really know how to process my emotions other than fear and sadness. I feel like I am powerless in this situation."

Lizzy doesn't know when Dom's coming back, so she's very upset.

"Losing him would be, not the end of me, but it would definitely… it would break my heart," Lizzy says. "I love Dom very much."

4. Lizzy Takes a Pregnancy Test:

Lizzy decides to take a pregnancy test after people on social media start to speculate that she's having a baby.

In the video above, Lizzy goes into the bathroom to take a test.

So is she pregnant? Not yet!

"Are you pregnant?" Christina asks when Lizzy returns from the bathroom.

"Well, yeah, I'm the mother of a breakfast burrito bitch!" Lizzy jokes. "Thank you very much. Everyone can suck it I'm just fat."

Lizzy goes on to say, "Ah negative. This is probably the only time where failing a test is a positive in my life and that's just fine with me."

CMTU, 208


5. Christina Cries While Talking About Becoming Independent From Her Mom:

Christina has recently distanced herself from her mom Carmen Milian when it comes to her singing career, something that wasn't easy.

During a lunch with her team, Lauren and CJ, Christina has an emotional moment when talking about gaining her independence.

Christina is presenting her team with the idea of the We Are Pop Culture performance and fashion show, when CJ tells her she needs someone to oversee her business.

"You should have someone who understands everything that you have going on so then when some opportunity comes up you have somebody who is all hands on deck," CJ says. "You gotta figure out who that one is and even if that takes… maybe perhaps, no shade it might be Carmen who is that person."

CJ goes on to explain that Carmen, "Because the thing is she knows what's up, Carmen knows the business and she knows what's up and she understands the idea and I know she's your mom and there's lots of layers or whatever."

"Knowing how hard I've worked to gain my independence and how far I've come, really? Carmen?" Christina says.

"The idea of Christina Milian's brand should not be managed by you," CJ says. "You're the boss, you should be directing it, you should be up here. Somebody should know every f—king thing that's going on."

"Well let's just keep it real, we'll keep it real," Christina says before starting to cry. "Mother Carmen, the woman who was controlling my life for so long, I took control of my life. This is a woman who is just taking control of her life in the most recent years, it's taken a lot to tear down the pieces of this fearful person."

Christina chokes up and goes on to explain, "I love my mom but she and I were on two sides of the same coin and I was terrified of losing everything if I questioned her. Part of growing up has taught me to stand up for myself and take control and it was hard but it was worth it."

CMTU, 208


6. Lizzy Admits She Had an Anxiety Attack:

Lizzy decides to FaceTime Dom, who's still away in France. At first she can't get a hold of him but then he calls her back.

During their conversation Lizzy says, "You don't even miss me."

"I miss you so much baby," Dom says. "Don't be silly."

Lizzy then admits, "I had like an anxiety attack the other day cause you weren't there and it started making me feel sick."

Dom then assure Lizzy that everything's going to be OK.

CMTU, 208


7. Danielle Can't Hold Back Her Tears While Talking to Richard:

Danielle and Richard go out to eat and Danielle asks him if he wants to go to Christina and Carmen's Viva Diva party.

Richard just isn't into the idea and admits that he's so fed up that he "could care less if the company goes belly up."

Danielle can tell that Richard doesn't want to go and she starts to break down.

"It sounds to me like you could care less about going and supporting my mom and sister about their wine company," Danielle says.

Richard just tells her that it "doesn't seem good" and that it "would all lead to something catastrophic."

He then tells Danielle that she can go alone and she starts to cry.

Danielle then goes to the bathroom and when she comes back she tells Richard that she's "really getting tired" of his behavior.

"I don't know what your intentions are, I don't know why you're treating me like this, I'm just sick of it," Danielle says.

Richard then gets up and leaves Danielle crying at the table.

"When Richard's good, he's really good," Danielle says. "Everybody loves him, he's funny, everyone wants to be around him. He's the man that I'm proud to be standing next to. But when he's bad, it's scary."

Watch an all-new episode of Christina Milian Turned Up Tuesday at 10 p.m., only on E!

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