Ashlee Simpson-Wentz

Darren/Fame Pictures

Ashlee Simpson-wentz unveiled her post-birth bod at the Troubadour Monday night to see hubby Pete and his bandmates play a supersmall gig. Ash came in with a giant group of gal-pals, walking right across the stage, straight up to the VIP section in the balcony. ASW, wearing black and gray and some shorter red locks, kissed daddy Joe hello.

No sign of Jessica, guess she's not a Fall Out Boy fan—or maybe she's babysitting li'l Bronx. Ash-babe spent the night sitting and drinking water, standing for a few songs to headbang. Petey looked off to the balcony for his wife throughout the show, while his dearly devoted baby mama took photos of him on her digital camera. A man with a smaller fan base all the way in Dee-Cee was...

John McCain, soaking up his 30 minutes of fame at the seriously swank joint Charlie Palmer Steak on Capital Hill. No man in power does anything alone, so Johnny was accompanied by his former campaign chairman, Rick Davis, 'natch. Glad to see there's no bad blood between these boys. Lots of high-status suit types in the restaurant, both left and right winged, came up to the senator wanting to hug gramps and shake his hand. Did they mistake him for Obama or something?

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