TV Deaths


Jon Snow might possibly still be alive, but that doesn't mean it wasn't a brutal year for losses on our favorite TV shows. While it might've been shocking for a main character to die a few years ago, in 2015 it seemed like every month of the year took another beloved TV pal from us. Sometimes we could see it coming, but sometimes it came out of nowhere (and we're still recovering). Below, a tribute to all the TV characters we loved and lost in 2015.

Parenthood, Season Finale


Zeek Braverman, Parenthood

Sure, all signs pointed to a death by the time this beautiful series about family wrapped up, but that doesn't mean it didn't still hurt. A lot. RIP Zeek. PS, we still miss you, Braverman clan.

Grey's Anatomy, Patrick Dempsey

ABC/Kelsey McNeal

Derek Shepherd, Grey's Anatomy

This one? This was out of left field. While we thought Mer and Der's love would last forever, it turns out a tragic accident got in the way of their eternal happiness. Meredith lost her person, we lost our ultimate TV dreamboat, and we're all still ugly crying about it.

The Flash, Rogue Air

Eddie Thawne, The Flash

In the end, Detective Pretty Boy turned out to be the hero he seemed all along, sacrificing himself so that his evil future relative would die. We're still missing those baby blues.

TV Deaths


Jo Laughlin and Sheriff Forbes, The Vampire Diaries

We all know the biggest loss on TVD was Elena, but she's not dead—just cursed to a supernatural slumber for the next 70 or so years. But there were a pair of deaths on the show this season that truly punched us in the gut. Sheriff Forbes succumbed to cancer in a surprisingly normal (and maybe more heart-wrenching than usual) death in a world of witchcraft, werewolves and vampires, and Alaric's beloved, Jo, was brutally slaughtered (along with the twins she was carrying) just after saying "I do" to her true love. Two different deaths that hit in two different ways—but spawned equal amounts of devastation.

Dylan Bruce, Orphan Black


Hot Paul, Orphan Black

It was very hard to say goodbye to a man so attractive that his actual character name should've been what Twitter deemed him, "Hot Paul" (just double-checked—it was simply "Paul" all along). But he went out in a blaze of glory, helping Sarah and her seestras uncover the intricacies of the clone conspiracy.

TV Deaths


Shireen and Stannis Baratheon, Game of Thrones

The only thing more disturbing than the sweet Shireen burning to death is the fact that her very own father is the one who sentenced her to do so. A few episodes later, Stannis met his end when Brienne killed him in the name of Renly.

The Walking Dead, Tyler James Williams


Noah, The Walking Dead

Sure, Noah wasn't around for quite as long as some of the other members of Rick's crew, but he was well-liked and the way he went—in a gruesome altercation with a horde of zombies and a revolving door—was particularly revolting. Noah, we hardly knew ye.

Doctor Who, Jenna Coleman

BBC Worldwide Limited

Clara, Doctor Who

We bid farewell to the Doctor's latest companion in November—something that happens on a regular basis. But her slow and agonizing death was particularly horrible, and it'll take a little while to truly process what happened.

American Horror Story: Hotel, AHS


Tristan, American Horror Story: Hotel

The drop-dead gorgeous Tristan was murdered in cold blood by his lover, the Countess, when she decided she didn't want to share him with Liz Taylor. Not even passionate pleas from both men could sway her as she slit Tristan's throat and left him for dead. Dang, that's ice cold, Countess—but then, what else would you expect from a powerful vampire?



Ed Blumquist, Fargo

Jesse Plemons' Midwestern husband, Ed, took his last breaths alongside his wife—just after breaking up with her.

Which TV death hit you the hardest in 2015? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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