Blake Lively, Penn Badgley

FPZ/Fame Pictures

Yesterday we ran a gossipy little item on our fave onscreen (and off) couple, Blake Lively and Penn Badgley. Our New York snoops insist Blake was out at the club Southside last Friday night without the gorgeous Penn. We were advised by sober eyewitnesses that Blake was also interested in a dude not by the name of Penn.

This is unusual: Everybody knows Blake's not a clubby gal, and, well, aren't Blake and Penn just too adorable together?

We contacted the rep for both. We did not hear back, and that repper is now insisting that she was never consulted for comment. She's saying the club hookup is not true and that both Blake and Penn were at Cafeteria that night, anyway.

If the story's not true, we love Blake and Penn and so apologize. But then, why is Southside's proprietor insisting he saw Blake at his club that night?

"She was there. I saw her myself," Southside owner Anthony Martignetti says, regarding Ms. Lively's presence on the night in question. Martignetti tells us he saw Lively with his own eyes "Friday night and Saturday morning."

He also tells us, "People have been calling all week saying they saw her there." Again, not true, insists Blake and Penn's livid rep:

"You're telling me you're going to believe some loser club over me—someone who never lies?" barked the powerful N.Y.-based rep.

We added that there was more than one source, that it was the club owner who merely reconfirmed Blake's presence. "Then I want that club's camera footage. I want to see Blake in that club!" snapped the rep.

I said we want to see it, as well. Southside, game on?

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