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Jillian Michaels has had some extremely intense moments on TV.

Throughout her time on The Biggest Loser, Jillian became known for her tough attitude, but it was all to motivate contestants to reach their full potential.

Jillian made sure every contestant on the show worked hard and she came up with different strategies to help them lose weight.

So in celebration of Jillian's upcoming E! show, Just Jillian, we wanted to look back at some of her most intense moments on the NBC show.

Check out the videos below to see her most suspenseful Biggest Loser moments!

1. When Jillian Revealed What it Takes to Be Healthy:

Jillian always wants people to reach their fullest potential and in the video clip above she reveals what it takes to be healthy. Jillian told her team if they want to be healthy all they have to do is, "workout and eat right and shut up and listen to me." LOL!

2. When Jillian "Hammers" Greg "Into the Ground" During Season Two:

During season two of The Biggest Loser Australia, Jillian works hard to earn the respect of her team, so she decides to "crack" the biggest men on the team. The clip above shows an intense training session with Jillian and contestant Greg.

"You have to push these people," Jillian says. "These people have no concept of how strong they are. They have no idea of what their potential is. We push them so they see how strong they are and what they're capable of. With Greg basically I just hammer him into the ground."

3. When Jillian Really Enjoyed Last Chance Workouts:

Last chance workouts are the final push before the weigh in, so Jillian takes them very seriously. In the clip above Jillian admits, "I'm gonna do my best to beat the crap out of them because they deserve to have a chance at staying here."

4. When Jillian Showed Off Her Sensitive Side:

Back in 2014, contestant Jennifer was struggling to do the box jump. In the clip above, Jennifer explains to Jillian that she hasn't felt "good enough" her entire life and Jillian gives her some amazing advice.

"The only person you can ever feel good enough for is you," Jillian says.

See the emotional moment in the video!

5. When Jillian Became "The Nice One" and She Didn't Like It:

In the video above Jillian hilariously explains, "Somehow I've become the nice one, I don't know when that happened, but it pisses me off."

6. When Everyone Was Scared to Be On Jillian's Team:

Back in 2013 when the trainers were first choosing their teams, everyone was afraid to be picked by Jillian. Multiple contestants even admitted to being scared of Jillian! Watch the video clip above!

7. When Jillian Had an Emotional Moment With Jay:

Back in 2013, Jillian visited the family farm where Jay grew up. The two talk about what the place means to Jay and he reveals some devastating details about his childhood home.

Watch the series premiere of Just Jillian on Tuesday, Jan. 19 at 10 p.m., only on E!

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