Taylor Momsen, Chace Crawford

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Oh, Gossip Girl! You're almost as scandalous offscreen as you are on...or at least that's what the tabs would have us think!

Nearly every possible real-life combination of Gossip Girl actors has been suggested, and the latest version of this endless Rubik's Cube of love possibilities is Taylor Momsen and Chace Crawford.

According to the New York Post's Page Six, Little J and Nate aren't just flirting onscreen—they're locking lips in real life!

Could it be true? Here's what sources spill to me exclusively...

Taylor Momsen, Chace Crawford, Gossip Girl

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Regarding the Page Six rumors that 23-year-old Chace and 15-year-old (gasp!) Taylor are dating in real life, Chace's rep tells me, "It's not true." (No word yet from Taylor's people.)

Inside sources who work on the show tell me they "highly doubt" the rumor is true because they've seen no such real-life hanky-panky with their own eyes. In fact, one source tells me that when Nate and Jenny were set to film their first onscreen kiss, Chace didn't want to because she's so young.

Well, good news, Chace: I'm hearing that the onscreen romance of Nate and Jenny is done for now. "It's Vanessa-Nate from here on out," a mole whispers. But who knows what the writers might whip up as a season-ending twist!

Do you think Taylor's a good match for Chace? What about on the show? Does Nate belong with Jenny, Vanessa or none of the above?  (I'm rooting for Team Anyone but Vanessa—but very, very quietly because I don't want to hurt Jessica Szohr's feelings.) Sound off below.

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