This Is the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Couple That Everyone Is Already Passionately Shipping

While Finn and Rey had amazing chemistry, the Internet is currently obsessed with Finn and his pilot buddy, Poe

By Jenna Mullins Dec 21, 2015 6:46 PMTags
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WARNING: We'll be talking about plot points from Star Wars: The Force Awakens in the story below. These aren't the spoilers you're looking for. Move along. 

By now, you've certainly seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Actually, you've probably seen it twice already, perhaps three times for the hat trick in one weekend. So when we say that everyone is shipping the crap out of this couple from Episode VII, you know which duo we're talking about, right?

The chemistry was instant. It was love at first sight. You could have watched a nine hour movie just starring the two of them. Huh? Rey and Finn? No, no. We're not talking about them, though they were amazing together and Rey (Daisy Ridley) is obviously our queen forever and ever.

We're talking about Finn (John Boyega) and Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac)! The bro-iest, most adorable couple in the entire galaxy. Fate brought them together. But the Resistance will bond them for life. 

(We may or may not be working on a fan fiction starring the former Stormtrooper and General Organa's most daring pilot).

The very moment they get into the same space on that movie screen, it was like puzzle pieces finally fitting together. They clicked, and you knew you would follow them on any adventure because they were clearly perfect together.

Poe and Finn had so many amazing moments together in Force Awakens that flooded your heart with all the space feels. When Poe gave Finn a name that wasn't FN-2187. Their first battle together on the TIE Fighter. How desperate Finn was to save Poe when they crashed. Finn fangirling over Poe's flying skills (without realizing it). And that reunion?! Ugh, kill us with emotions, why don't you?!

So you are full of love and devotion for a couple in a movie you just finished watching. You need to find others who ship them just as passionately as you. Where do you go? 

Duh. Shippers ‘r' Us. AKA Tumblr.

Turns out, Poe and Finn not only have a very devoted fanbase already, but they have a shipper name. They have a couple shipper names, actually. We are partial to StormPilot, but there's also FinnPoe and Finneron. So if you are shippin' these two and you're proud of it, know you're not alone. You are very, very not alone:

We are certain that by the time Episode VIII comes out, StormPilot or PoeFinn or whatever you want to call them will join the ranks of other adored ships: Stucky from Captain America, McFassy from X-Men and of course, Destiel from Supernatural.

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To sum up: Finn + Poe = TRUE LOVE 4-EVA!

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