Who Killed Scotty on The Affair?

After two seasons, Showtime's The Affair finally revealed its killer

By Lauren Piester Dec 21, 2015 4:57 AMTags
The AffairShowtime

So who killed Scotty?

That answer is both simple and not so simple, which is exactly as it should be with this show. 

Noah (Dominic West) may have confessed to the deed at the end of tonight's season two finale of The Affair, but it was actually Helen (Maura Tierney) behind the wheel after Cole and Luisa's wedding. However, Helen was distracted by Noah sitting next to her, holding her hand, and Scotty ended up in the road because Alison (Ruth Wilson) pushed him into it. 

It was quite a night for this complicated love pentagon, and it all started with Alison revealing to Noah that he was not Joanie's father. From his perspective, he calmly said he never wanted to see her again. From her perspective, he stormed out. Either way, he was not happy.

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