Twilight, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart

Deana Newcomb/ Summit Entertainment

The circumstances alone surrounding director Catherine Hardwicke's exit from the colossally successful vampire love flick Twilight give sexism a whole new slant.

There's really no concrete reason even being offered up by the studio for Hardwicke's goodbye. Such great thanks for the flick that had the highest movie opening by a female director, ever.

"Creative vision," apparently, was the culprit and why Twilight's execs went sniffing in a different, more boyish direction (the new director hasn't been announced, officially, but trust, it's gonna be a dude).

You telling me there aren't a hundred male directors who offered up far less spectacular openings for their bosses and didn't have heaps of "creative" run-ins who got to keep their gigs?

Why not make the effort, Mr. Big Execs, if for no other reason than to have more female points of view with the big franchises?

Oh, that's right. Forgot. That's what Hardwicke already gave us, what with Bella whimpering for Edward, hopelessly and moronically, for 122 minutes. Guess it's gonna take a guy to do a strong gal's job here.

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