Renee Zellweger, Nicole Kidman

Steve Granitz/Getty Images, Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Dear Ted:
Please explain to me what has happened to Renée Zellweger's face. I am watching Jerry Maguire right now, and yes, it was shot about 13 years ago, but she looks great. And now she looks like she froze her face while sucking on lemons. You rip on Nicole Kidman's shenanigans, but what gives with Renée?
KC, D.C.

Dear Frozen in Time:
Nic's just been in the spotlight more. I haven't given R much thought. But yes, she too could use some facial emotion. I just think it's a little more internal—let's say—with Ms. Z.

Dear Ted:
I really enjoy your column; however, I am hearing impaired and have trouble listening to your Truth, Lies & Ted. Is there anywhere I can find the manuscript on this so I can read it instead? I don't want to miss anything!

Dear Listen Up:
Fab suggestion; I'll work on it for ya.

Dear Ted: 
Why are you so mean about people aging? Like Richard Gere, Melanie Griffith, Sharon Stone and Madonna. Most of these people take care of themselves, look great and have plenty to offer. You're not exactly a spring chicken yourself. What gives? Ageism is as bad as any other discrimination. It's bad enough really good women actors over 40 have a hard time finding decent work in Hollywood; I hate that you feed into the whole lousiness of it all, while you are on your high horse about gay rights, etc.

Dear Not So Lighthearted:
Don't we all make fun of what we're not exactly crazy about?

Dear Ted:
Is Tyrese the actor/rapper from One Unmanageable Blind Vice?

Dear Oded Wronghead:
Negative. But very close, partic regarding the hot bod and schtick.

Dear Ted:
Why are men so afraid of gorgeous big woman? Aren't we sexy? And where can we meet guys who are more into meat than bones?

Dear More to Love:
I hope you don't live in L.A., darlin', cause the straight guys here love them bony bananas.

Dear Ted: 
Weird, nerdy question, I know, but do you wear a Q-Link? I thought I noticed one around your neck in Truth, Lies, & Ted, or was it just a regular necklace? Just wondering, as you seem to be up on the health tip.

Dear Necktastic:
Nope. Regular ol' necklace, probably one of my sister's. She designs some great stuff.

Dear Ted:
Don't like your commenting on Nicole's Kidman pregnancy maybe being "fake." It seems to me you won't let it go until there's a resolution on the issue of her bodyguard beating a paparazzo...Is it worth it?

Dear Bump 'n' Grind:

Dear Ted: 
Do you understand how offensive it is to accuse Twilight's Stephenie Meyer of being a sexist writer, while in the same pen stroke, exhibit yourself as a Mormon prejudiced bigot?

Dear Rich:
Since when does calling down those who preach discrimination make one a bigot? You a Republican, or something?

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